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Meet A Woman Of Your Dreams On Russian Mail Order Bride Sites

People suffer from loneliness even nowadays, in the era of advanced Internet technologies and multiple opportunities. Perhaps, this might be explained by the fact that we are choosing friends and partners more carefully. In part, this happens because we think that one day, things will change on their own. Maybe they will, maybe they won’t. If you do not want to wait for miracles, read our article – we have provided detailed information about real Russian brides, as well as the ways to meet them and win the heart of a special woman.

In The Search Of A Wife In Russia

Some people say that Russian mail order brides are “material girls” who are looking for nothing but your money. It is not this simple. In Russia, like in any other country, you can meet women who want to live a luxurious life, as well as women who care about really important things like self-development and a family. Who to choose? It is up to you.

Remember that you will not meet money-hungry girls on trusted sites owned by top dating agencies. Such companies ask every female applicant hundreds of questions, ask them to pass a few personality tests, and provide copies of all documents, etc. Well, let us not get ahead of ourselves. Read the following paragraph to get some recommendations on how to find a Russian bride and learn more about their qualities and personality traits.

Most important mail order brides facts   

But before we start, let us explain a few crucial things about MOBs at large. We believe that some myths and misconceptions can stop a man from meeting a woman of his dreams, and we want to provide 5 facts about these ladies. Check out this list – some things may change your view on these girls.

  1. Nearly 90% of women send their applications to dating agencies because they are looking for a man of their dream
  2. Nearly all of them had problems in a relationship with local guys
  3. Beautiful Russian girls like most MOBs from other countries are attracted to foreign men
  4. They want to have children
  5. A lot of them speak English pretty well or are ready to learn it to break the language barrier

Find Out Who They Are Before You Find Russian Bride

The info above can help you understand who foreign brides are. Most of them are regular women looking for someone to spend the rest of their lives with. But who is a Russian mail order bride? What qualities, personality traits, and values she is likely to have? What to expect from these women? We all are unique, but people of certain ethnicity still have common traits, and we have listed them below.

It’s all about the beauty                  

They are naturally beautiful, that is a fact, but the thing is every one of them is making a great effort to look like a top model. Well, we cannot deny that they really look like movie stars. This distinguishes them from most women from any other country. Russian ladies always bear in mind that whatever men say, they all are looking for attractive, elegant, smiling women, and they know how to make themselves even prettier. That may sound weird or even offensive for girls who think that a woman does not have to do anything to be more attractive for guys, but Russians have a different view on this issue.

Who wears the trousers?

What do most girls from America or Europe think of traditional gender roles? It is pretty difficult to find a lady who believes that a man is supposed to be a breadwinner. A Russian woman is likely to be okay with this. Besides, there is a strong likelihood that she will expect you to be a husband, a breadwinner, and a father to her children, not because she is money-hungry but because of her views on the family. She, in turn, is ready to be the queen of the hearth: a perfect mother, an ambitious business lady (if you do not mind), and a loving and super-caring wife.

Passion or self-control?

What kind of girl would you like to meet? Are you dreaming of a passionate, super-emotional lady? Or maybe you want to live with a calm, thoughtful woman? If you believe that emotions and passion are great, but they often are the reason for quarrels and conflicts, just meet Russian bride and marry her! Women in this country (as well as men, though) know how to control themselves and remain calm yet positive in public and at home.

Russian romance and deep soul

Women from this cold country are very romantic. They think that love is one of the crucial things in life, and they do not hesitate to show their feelings. Besides, they expect their men to do the same. It is not about cute photos on Instagram, it is rather about warm words, long conversations, hugs, kisses, flowers, and making coffee in the morning.  

Family is above anything else

You may be surprised to know that your wife calls her mom every single day. Russian girl just cannot imagine her life without family, we mean the whole family, including her parents, aunts, uncles, siblings, nieces, and nephews. This may seem weird at the beginning of your relationship, but do not jump to conclusions. Yes, she will always keep in touch with all her relatives, but she will love and respect your relatives as well because this is the family. What can be more important than such a union? There is no need to say that she wants to build her own strong family with you, raise children, and be the best wife and the most loving mother.

How To Date Russian Women – Some Tips To Find A Bride

What does a man need to do to get the attention of one of the hot Russian females? Nothing extraordinary, actually. However, some cultural differences may surprise you. Let us take a look at some tips that may help you get a Russian wife.

Do’s and don’ts of dating Russian brides

Suit up!

These ladies (like girls in any other country, though) pay much attention to the appearance. Russians may say that this is not true. Furthermore, a local man is likely to say that there is even a proverb that states that “a man is supposed to look a bit better than a monkey.” Well, that is how they try to escape reality. The truth is these ladies what to date attractive men. We cannot deny that Asian ladies usually pay more attention to appearance, but still – if you want to marry a Russian, suit up!

Respect her

They do not like it when males treat them like beautiful things. A lot of guys who know how attractive these girls are, want to use them, i.e., they are looking for an affair with one of these hotties. Besides, skeptics say that they are “material girls” looking for a sponsor, not for love. This is not true.

Still, this depends on what kind of woman you want to meet. If you visit a local bar and see an easy girl, do not expect her to be really interested in your personality. However, if you want to meet one of the regular girls who are beautiful, as well as intelligent and kind, treat her like a gorgeous woman who has her own values, thoughts, and desires. In other words, respect her. Be careful with words.

Do not ask stupid or offensive questions about sex. The phrase “Babe, I’d like to spend a night with you,” said on the first date will make her forget about you forever. Please note that sex is not something that Russians will discuss with strangers. 

Do not be boring

There is one thing Russians hate more than anything else, and this is boredom. That is why the crucial rule states, “try to make a date interesting.” If you do now know what to say, just remind yourself that you are a foreigner: tell her about your country, traditions, people, culture, and so on and so forth. There is another important thing to do: show her that you are a good listener. Be polite, attentive, and well-mannered, and she will definitely appreciate this. 

Be creative

We cannot deny that the 1st date or the 1st conversation is like a job interview, but still, try not to ask all those boring questions. Do not hesitate to tell something interesting about yourself, not only about your age, occupation, education, and family but also some cool stories about childhood, college, hobbies, etc.

Keep smiling

People say that Russians are grumpy and never smile. Well, they are nothing like that. The only difference between Russians and, for instance, Americans, is that people from this cold country never smile without reason. As for the reasons, they may be very, very different.

Russians smile when they are talking to a person they like, during an interesting conversation, because of the good weather, because of the promotion, because they are glad to see you, and so on and so forth. So, do not think that if you are not smiling when talking to your girlfriend, she will be okay with that. She may think that you are a grumpy, depressed person, and let us be honest – they do not want to date such a man.

Be confident

Even if you are a bit nervous, do not show this to her. These pretty ladies like confident men, men who do not wait until a woman takes the first step.

Find a fine line between being too talkative and too quiet

We noted that ladies do not like men who do not listen to them. This, however, does not mean that she is supposed to be the one who talks during the whole evening. Just find the balance and get to know her better. In other words, act like a person who is interested in another person, not like a guy who does not really care about what is going on and who is sitting in front of him.  

Never try to trick her

We all try to make the best impression on someone we like. However, you should not lie to a girl from this country. Do not pretend to be richer, smarter, or more successful than you really are. Never say that you are better than the others. One day, you will find out that this beauty is smart enough to understand that you were lying to her all this time. Describe the real you, tell her about your personality traits – provide her with the information she needs to understand what kind of man you are. If she likes you, you will not have conflicts, because there will be no disappointments for both of you.

Russian girls – Is there life after marriage?

This question is crucial for most men, no matter if they marry a Russian or Latina. So what about real life with one of those Slavic beauties? Do not worry. You cannot avoid a routine, but you have a good chance to live a happy life with your wife. These women do not like quarrels and conflicts, and they are okay with the fact that a man is in charge, of course, if he does not act as a master and does not try to control the thoughts of his wife.

As we have already noticed, these ladies know how to control themselves, take care of their family, husband, kids, mother-in-law, house, finances, etc.  The best thing is they are multi-taskers, but they do not think that they are doing anything heroic. So just enjoy your life and be a respectful, strong, and loving husband. And one more thing – be romantic. Give her flowers or make coffee in the morning, and you will be the happiest couple in the world.

Where To Meet Russian Women For Marriage?

Generally speaking, there are only two ways to find one of these hotties, or even hundreds of them. You can meet them offline or online. This is the second crucial decision that you need to make when developing your strategy. Which way to choose? Actually, each of them has its benefits and disadvantages, so you need to think carefully and choose the way with is most convenient to you.

Life in Russia vs. dating sites

What about moving to Russia? Of course, not all men are ready to take such a step. Some of the guys who have not even dreamed of a potential Russian bride were lucky to meet their soulmate during a business trip or their tour of Russia. Unfortunately, you do not know if you will be as lucky as they are. Notwithstanding this, if you are adventurous and do not mind visiting this country, why not give it a try?

Still, most guys choose another way. They sign up to one of the sites or choose top agencies. This is just a simpler and more convenient option.

Here are some benefits of using Russian mail order bride websites:

  1. Checked and verified profiles of Russian women
  2. Those who search for Russian brides photo can find tens of thousands of pictures 
  3. It is simpler and cheaper than “real” dating
  4. You can marry the hottest woman ever in less than a year.

Sounds good enough, right? But the thing is that there are a lot of suspicious sites that only pretend to be top dating agencies. They do not want to help you – they want your money. How to distinguish good websites from a scam? We will provide some useful tips, so keep reading.

How to pick a reliable website?

How to reduce all the risks and protect yourself against all the threats? Just test the site carefully:

As you can see, it is not so difficult yet time-consuming. Notwithstanding, it is worth it!

Looking For Legit Russian Brides – Conclusion

Russia is the place where women outnumber men. This is the country where the best wives live. This is the land of unique traditions, beautiful nature, and strong people. This is the place where good old values are still strong. There are plenty of good sites where you can find hundreds of lists of Russian ladies, so what are you waiting for? 

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