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Why Should Men Consider Mail Order Brides Services?

You may have across sites that allow meeting mail order brides from different countries and regions — Asia, Latin America, Russia, even Africa. Most likely, you have tried a couple of international dating services already and did not entirely like the result. The problem is, international dating platforms cast a wide net, allowing any user, regardless of the country, to join and meet some singles. Mail order brides websites, on the other hand, have a slightly different logic that results in a higher success rate. So, if you are truly determined to find a loving partner to share the rest of your life with, read on. We’ll tell you most of the info you’ll need to know about international marriage sites, women who use them, and services you can expect from a reliable platform (along with average costs).

The logic behind mail order brides sites

The main difference between a mail order brides service and a mainstream dating site is that the first one caters to long-term relationships and marriage. As the name suggests, it welcomes heterosexual couples, where brides come from one region and grooms — from another one. The regions for brides hunting are plenty, even though Asia, Latin America, and Slavic states remain some of the most popular destinations for finding a good match. Still, it’s possible to find platforms that would operate in only one country, rather than target an entire region of brides. Country’s population is not important — even though you should understand that scarcely populated states will not have many users in their database.

However, relationship goals are not the only criteria that make marriage sites stand apart from the majority of dating platforms. In addition to filtering out casual flirts and short-term relationship goals, mail order brides services also invest heavily in user security. This is especially so if the site works in one country — in such a case, all women will go through a personal interview with the admins and will submit their IDs to prove they are indeed who they claim they are. Besides, they will have to prove their legal marital status (only single or divorced ladies can join, separation from a husband is not allowed).

Such an approach may seem pretty strict, but there is a method to this madness. After all, most mail order brides services value their reputation and do everything in their power to shield eligible grooms from online fraud. This also explains why international dating sites always charge clients for their services — there is quite a lot of work involved on top of designing and maintaining a website. Not only do managers screen brides’ identities, but they also run regular inspections, make personal phone calls to check in with the ladies, and otherwise ensure all profiles are managed by real people. So, even if one of the ladies’ accounts gets hacked, it will not remain so for long.

As for the sites that operate with entire regions, like Asia or Latin America, they have similar procedures. However, it would be too costly to have local divisions in each of the states and big cities, so some brides may verify their IDs online, through video chats.

Regarding the sites’ functionalities, those are pretty much standard. Users can join for free, take a look at the profile database, play along with the search filters and consider the results, send a wink or a smile to ladies who catch their eye, etc. All of the above are free, but should a man decide to send more than a wink, he won’t be able to do it until he subscribes for a premium plan. And, once again, the billing logic is more or less standard: you choose from several subscription types, but the longer you subscribe for, the less you’ll pay per month.

A possible variation may include paying for each service separately rather than subscribing to a fixed-cost plan. It has an upside — you don’t have to pay for services you’re not using. Still, as is often the case, paying in bulk may prove cheaper than paying for every letter and minute of chat individually. Paying for every service may be a suitable idea for men who do not communicate too much. Still, as you join the site, you’ll probably want to chat with several ladies, and you will talk a lot until you limit your ‘partner pool’ to just one or several brides. So, going fixed-price might be a wiser decision — at least, in the initial stages of your online dating experience.

Reasons why ladies become mail order brides

To that, there is no definite answer — too much will depend on the geographic region you choose, as well as on each particular lady you talk to. One thing is for sure — men who take all mail order brides for gold-digging scammers are clearly prejudiced. Yes, some women on these sites come from less than stable economic backgrounds. Even more of them come from societies where women are still oppressed, and where it’s common for the parents to arrange their daughters’ marriage matches. So, most of these brides are, indeed, dreaming of a better life, but this ‘better’ does not always imply better financially.

Besides, third-world countries are not the only states that ‘supply’ mail order brides. No one is forcing you to explore the exotics of Asia, India, and South America. As it happens, plenty of brides come from Europe — and not necessarily Eastern Europe. Western European brides are fewer, but they are still out there — if that is what you’re looking for.

Finally, you may want to consider your own reasons for joining these platforms. Sometimes, ladies simply do not have the time to combine work and dating. Others need to take care of children from their past marriages; few of them are disappointed in local singles and would love to try their luck abroad. We’re sure at least one of these reasons appeals to you — and, as you plainly see, none of them is money-related. All of the above issues concern mail order brides as well, so you can relax and forget about social stereotype — if, of course, you want to find a good and loving lady to marry.

What can a man expect from a foreign wife?

But do mail order brides make good and loving wives? What can you expect from these ladies, in general? Once again, there is no definite answer because too many details depend on where you’re looking, as well as who you’re looking for. Given the sheer amount of singles on international marriage sites, as well as complex search algorithms these sites are using, it’s not that difficult to find a perfect life partner — not statistically, at least. You do, however, have to understand what a ‘perfect partner’ implies for you, personally. This one is tricky, but it boosts your chances of finding a successful match.

So, it would be utterly chauvinistic to try and describe so many different women, cultures, and nationalities in a few words — simply because these ladies have created a profile on a marriage site. We will not do that, but we will try to imagine what kind of person (regardless of age, background, and nationality) it takes to start searching for a husband abroad.

Choosing a reliable dating service: aspects to consider

We’ve already covered the main features of a reliable mail order brides service — 100% screening and profile verification. However, when choosing a dating platform one will enjoy using, gentlemen should focus on more criteria. After all, you will be expecting top service for the money you pay. So, it’s crucial to consider some functional details, like available subscriptions plans, for example. We already touched upon this issue, but we must stress it once again — you should choose payment plans you’re comfortable with. No matter if you pay fixed-price or per each service, you should be absolutely ok with it. Note that some platforms will even offer some communication features for a fixed subscription cost and others — for extra cash. We believe this to be the best and the most flexible method, but we do not expect every single gentleman to agree.

On the whole, figuring out which services you’ll need most should help you decide on the ultimate subscription plan for you. Most mail order brides websites offer a vast range of communication means — letters, live chats, online video calls, etc. Some others focus more on written text than on video and voice calls — especially, those that cater to more mature audiences.

Speaking of audiences, geolocation is not the only criteria you should consider when looking for a perfect bride. On an average dating platform, you will usually find very young women, some of whom will be no more than eighteen. Statistically speaking, the largest percentage of people who date online are between 27-34 years old. But, it may happen that your preferred audience is outside this dominant demographics. And, just like you can find sites that cater to a specific country, you can find platforms that provide for a specific age range.

Another important aspect that may not seem pressing when you just join is whether the site offers travel arrangements and legal assistance with getting married. Such questions may seem too ‘long-term,’ so a lot of men skip this part. In practice, single gentlemen spend around a year looking for a bride — provided, they are indeed looking, not just chatting their time away. And, sooner or later, you will want legal help from people who have some experience filling in required paperwork and obtaining marriage visas.

But, before you even get to the legal aspects of marrying a foreigner, you would want to visit one (or even several) ladies. Once again, planning such trips can be tougher than we think. Often, it’s not just about flights and accommodation. It’s about traditions, things you’re allowed to carry on board, documents you’ll need to cross the border, etc. Professional brides services are aware of these details, but grooms are usually not. Finally, even if you do not need any special permissions to visit the country, it’s still nice to count on some cheap flights and airport transfer when you arrive.

Final tips on international dating

With this in mind, choosing a mail order brides service should not be too hard. Once you pick a platform that matches your quality criteria, stay patient and look for a woman who matches your ‘ideal wife’ criteria. As we’ve already mentioned, it’s not uncommon to spend a year looking for a wife — after all, online dating has complications of its own. The final word of advice would be never to disclose any private and financial details. After all, even the most secure platforms are still no more than websites, and websites can be hacked. So, stay reasonable, chat to several women and don’t jump to conclusions too rashly — this way, your chances of finding a perfect match will be higher, and your mail order brides experience will be more enjoyable.

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